Stats Information

The stats are compiled from the freely available Betfair results files.

Column information:

Runs The number of runs used to create the summary stats.
Percent over 50 The percentage of times this horse has traded at 50% of BSP or lower.
Average diff from BSP The average in-running difference from the BSP as a percentage.
Average win The average win rate of this horse.
Info Extra information about this horse, see below.
Last Run The result of this horse’s last run.


Horses marked in Blue won their previous race.
Horses marked in Green won their previous race at the course they are running on today

Info Column

  • Horses marked with a * have greater than 10 runs and have traded at less than 50% BSP over 70% of the time
  • Horses with a rank between 1 and 10 show the top ten horses that trade┬áless than 50% BSP most frequently